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Packaging Testing

When people see your product, do they want to buy it? Now you can find out.


Get Your Packaging Right

Packaging design is crucial for startups and established legacy brands alike. People judge books by their covers all the time - we’ll help you wrap your products so they move.

What we measure

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Purchase Intent

Forget the “Think” part of See, Think, Do. Test your packaging concepts with potential consumers and learn what makes them buy.

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Receptivity and Uniqueness

Your brand needs to stand out in a crowd. We’ll test your concepts against the competition so you can get the upper hand.

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Impact on Brand Image

Packaging is the first contact your brand has with consumers. It’s often in the real world, it’s the first way consumers truly interact with your brand, and it often makes its way to social media. But, does it fit with your brand?

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Likeability & Resonance

How do people respond to your packaging? Tracking likeability over time and benchmarking is the key to marketing improvement. We’ll show you how people feel about your designs and compare it to previous ones, or to the competition.

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Objectives/Design Criteria

Sometimes the gap between concept and finished product is perfectly narrow. Sometimes it’s more like a canyon. Make sure the ideas you want to convey with your packaging design are the ones actually being conveyed.

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A deep dive on your design elements - images, logos and placement, fonts, and more. We’ll also look at how all of these parts come together to represent your brand. Is the packaging relevant? Is it understandable?

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Set up your survey on Monday, get results on Friday - starting at just $2700

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Our experts check everything, we collect responses, and our in-house AI platform runs an initial analysis

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Our experts provide a final analysis, you get your results and start building a stronger brand

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Head of Consumer Marketing, Google CEE

"RESPONSE:AI provides us with quick, professional, in-depth, market research and analysis. We have demanding marketing and business goals at Google. RESPONSE:AI allows us to pinpoint where we are currently with our consumers and on what trajectory. We use this insight to define our strategy and make ongoing adjustments to it, in order to take us towards these goals. I use RESPONSE:AI to conduct the rapid research and analysis I need to understand and improve my target areas: market segmentation, go-to-market strategy, product development, and commercial performance."

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Marketing Manager, Mastercard

"We started our collaboration with RESPONSE:AI about six months ago. So far, they have provided us nothing but effective, quick, thorough, and in-depth research and market analysis. We use RESPONSE:AI for quick online research to get insights that shape our thinking about our upcoming campaigns and their respective audiences. Together with their professional and proactive attitude, I can fully recommend RESPONSE:AI for any type of market research or analysis."

Our Clients

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Build a Brand Image That Lasts

When people think of your brand, what do you want to come to mind? You want them to see your logo, your color pallette, and the things that stand out. This starts with packaging. With us, you can have data in a week that may pay dividends for a decade.


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