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All in one integrated, automated platform.

What we do:

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Product and service testing
Test new products and services by surveying product concepts and descriptions with your target market.
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Brand equity and image analysis
Understand how strong your brand truly is both with consumers and against the competition.
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Market and consumer analysis
Learn how consumers behave, why they make their purchase decisions, and what motivates them to buy.
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Ad development & testing
Test TV, digital, print, outdoor, or any other type of advertisement at any stage of the development process.

How It Works

response:AI uses automation and AI to deliver world class market research faster and more affordably than ever.

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Working with us

  • Choose a template, set up your study, and review and edit in our custom frontend
  • Programmatic bidding, with real-time dynamic pricing, for respondents
  • AI-powered reporting backend formulates key insights and generates data visualizations
  • You get fully-designed charts, ready to customize, brand, and present
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Do It Yourself

  • Configurator Access
  • Research clearly fits an existing construct with a straightforward target audience

Lowest cost; fastest turnaround

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Do It Together

  • Configurator Access with chat, phone or email support
  • Research requires modification of constructs or non-standard target audience

+ $500 - $1000 for guided projects

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Do It For Me

  • Managed Services
  • Custom research design or complex target audience

Custom quote, with savings from the back-end automation

response:AI is ideal for market research firms, independent research practitioners and brand insights managers, enabling you to produce more research projects, faster and without the heavy investment of time and software.

For advertising agencies and consulting firms, response:AI expands their services offering, scales up capabilities for quick-turn-around and custom research projects, and adds another avenue for client acquisition and retention.

Our Clients

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