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Fast, affordable, reliable
market research for CPG brands

Test your ads, packaging, prices, and know more about your market

We provide agency-quality market research for businesses in the fast-moving CPG industry at a fraction of the traditional cost. Make your market research budget go farther - what used to take months and cost tens of thousands of dollars, we can do in a week.

  • Are your ads and marketing campaigns effective?
  • Will consumers respond?
  • Are your products priced competitively?
  • Trying new packaging?
  • Looking to expand to new markets?

What we do

Packaging Testing

Don’t fly blind when you’re expanding your business. Test different packaging colors, materials, designs, and more with your target market and get it right the first time.

Starting at just $1,250

Market & Consumer Analysis

Look at purchase habits, motivations, brand equity, and test your value proposition with your target consumers. Purchasing trends can change in a snap - stay ahead of the market.

Starting at just $2,325

Price Sensitivity & Optimization

“OK, but how much does it cost?” You’ve got marketing sorted, your messaging and packaging is solid, now you need people to buy. Test your price points, keep loyal customers, and steal some from the competition.

Starting at just $1,375

Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty

Understand how and why people buy from you and the competition, improve customer service, build your NPS, and increase customer lifetime value with research that takes just a few days.

Starting at just $1,025

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Said about us:

Said about us:


Head of Consumer Marketing, Google

"RESPONSE:AI provides us with quick, professional, in-depth, market research and analysis. We have demanding marketing and business goals at Google. RESPONSE:AI allows us to pinpoint where we are currently with our consumers and on what trajectory. We use this insight to define our strategy and make ongoing adjustments to it, in order to take us towards these goals. I use RESPONSE:AI to conduct the rapid research and analysis I need to understand and improve my target areas: market segmentation, go-to-market strategy, product development, and commercial performance."

Tomas Dolezal

Marketing manager, Mastercard

"We started our collaboration with RESPONSE:AI about six months ago. So far, they have provided us nothing but effective, quick, thorough, and in-depth research and market analysis. We use RESPONSE:AI for quick online research to get insights that shape our thinking about our upcoming campaigns and their respective audiences. Together with their professional and proactive attitude, I can fully recommend RESPONSE:AI for any type of market research or analysis."

Try RESPONSE:AI and See for Yourself

Order a survey on Monday, get results on Friday - that’s how RESPONSE:AI works. We’ve automated (most of) the process and cut the cost so your brand can get crucial market insights in a few days, not a few weeks - starting at just $1200.

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