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Helping ruck.us understand user satisfaction

Customer Experience Journey research is crucial to improving customer loyalty. Here’s what we did for Ruck.us.

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Ruck.us wanted to know what past and present users like and dislike about the service, and their willingness to recommend.

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Response:AI surveyed Ruck.us clients on likeability, attractiveness, willingness to recommend, and more using our Customer Journey Experience research methodology.

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Users are generally quite satisfied with Ruck.us, but there are some specific areas for improvement. We delivered a detailed report to the Ruck.us team on how to improve on Net Promoter Score, pricing, and technical issues.

The Story

Politics is a game of inches. A few votes here, a few votes there, and things can really change. In a lot of ways, this is the golden era of grassroots politics and activism—with micro donations and digital/online activity taking center stage. That’s what Ruck.us does—it takes the complication out of getting started with an online presence for politicians, advocacy groups, and other political organisations.

Ruck.us came to Response:AI to measure the Customer Experience Journey—do people like the service? Does it deliver as advertised? Are users willing to recommend Ruck.us?

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CEO, Ruck.us

“With market research from Response:AI, we were able to focus on the things we needed to improve about our service,” says Ruck.us CEO Nathan Daschle. “Now, we have the data to make some subtle changes to get our clients out there evangelizing about Ruck.us, and we couldn’t be happier.”

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  • Ruck.us helps political campaigns and advocacy organizations build effective web sites, fundraising campaigns, and more.
  • In just minutes, organizations are up and running, communicating with their supporters, and driving home their messages.
  • It’s an easy-to-use systems that lets campaigns get down to the business of communicating without spending a fortune on web design and programming.

We used our Customer Experience Journey survey to test these things and more for Ruck.us, to pinpoint what users like the most about the site-building service, its different functions like donation collection, and general usability and willingness to recommend.

We polled current and former Ruck.us clients about:

  • Overall satisfaction and loyalty
  • Willingness to recommend (NPS)
  • Motivators and barriers to use
  • Diagnostics – how to improve customer experience, satisfaction, and loyalty
  • Website evaluation

Most of what we found is, of course, confidential, but if you want to see what Customer Experience Journey market research can show you, check out this sample report.

That said, we can share at least few findings.

Most importantly, we found that users are generally very positive on the service, find it usable, and are happy with the features offered—especially the payment/donation system.

Importantly, past and current Ruck.us clients tend to like the service. Just 6% of respondents were negative on Ruck.us, which is impressive by any measure.

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What’s more, users really like how easy and affordable it is to raise funds and get that money back into their political campaigns.
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There were some things to improve on as well which, as always, we shared with the Ruck.us team in confidence. Now, the Ruck.us folks have insight into aspects of the service that can be improved, some pain points for users, and concrete advice for improvement—that’s what Response:AI is all about.

Our market research shows you specific areas of strength and weakness—with concrete insights on how to improve your business—from getting people to choose you to keeping loyal clients happy and coming back for more.


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