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Analyzing the Shaving Product Subscription Market for 99 Cent Razor

Market & Consumer analysis can open doors.

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99 Cent Razor wanted the full picture of the shaving market, including the differences between how men and women view shaving, product evaluation, and specifics about purchase motivations.

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Response:AI surveyed a representative sample of men and women ages 18-50 on usage and shaving habits, shaving product brand loyalty, and much more.

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People generally like 99 Cent Razor because they see it as a good value, convenient, and they like the company’s charitable work.

The Story

The market for shaving products is as competitive as any CPG category out there. There is a lot of product turnover and a lot of competition - both with in-store brands and subscription services like 99 Cent Razor. They partnered with Response:AI to run a Market & Brands Analysis to gain a deeper understanding of their target market, the different habits of shave club members, and the things people find most important in a razor and other shaving accessories. 

People shave a lot - three times per week, in fact. And, among people who use shaving products, 75% of them replace blades at least monthly, and more than half of them replace their blades at least twice during that same period. 

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Senior Director Ecommerce & Digital Marketing, Income Store

“The market research we received from Response:AI was eye-opening, and shows us several opportunities that we feel we can take advantage of. The quick turn-around from the Response:AI team was great - we received a long, detailed report that covered our entire market in about a week. Now we can get to work with clear goals in mind.” 

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  • 99 Cent Razor is a subscription service for shaving products
  • Sign up, set up how often you want new razors, shaving cream, and whatever else and that’s it. Everything arrives in the mail on time.
  • Plus, members can choose from dozens of charitable organizations to support through their membership

The subscription market is interesting, and presents several different opportunities beyond selling shaving products like brushes, shave gel, and aftershave in a physical store. One very important one is the shopping convenience for the customer. A perfect example is the use of a shaving brush. Roughly one-third of men who shave use a shave brush. But that number nearly doubles for men who are or were members of a shaving subscription service. 

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Although shaving product subscription services may be associated with men, there’s a sizeable market for women as well. 20% of women use men’s razors regularly, and another 50% do so at least occasionally. Needless to say, there’s a lot of potential there.
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As always, the bulk of the results are confidential. Our survey uncovered some compelling data on brand loyalty among people who use, or used to use subscription services - including key motivating factors for how they make purchases. One data point that we can share - and are excited about - is the influence a company’s philanthropy has on consumers’ purchase intent. As you can see on the chart below, consumers truly care if a brand they shop with puts some of the proceeds toward a charitable cause. It’s a key part of 99 Cent Razor’s offer, and it’s clearly a positive sign that consumers appreciate businesses giving back.
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In the end, our final report gave 99 Cent Razor detailed data on how its brand stacks up against the market more widely, areas for improvement, and a detailed view into consumer behavior - all broken down by gender, age, and a host of other variables. Our market research shows you specific areas of strength and weakness - with concrete insights on how to improve your business - from getting people to choose you to keeping loyal clients happy and coming back for more. Plus, it’s interesting and you’re bound to learn something you didn’t know before!


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