Brand equity & image analysis

Understand how customers view your brand, how you measure up against the competition,
and continuously monitor and improve your brand’s strength.

Measure Brand Equity the Right Way

What does your brand stand for? How do consumers view your competitors? What steps can you take to improve customer loyalty, affinity, and relevance?

There are concrete answers to these questions, and we know how to find them.

What we measure

Path to loyalty
Path to Loyalty

Look at the size and shape of your target group in relation to each analyzed brand and measure how well they perform in terms of winning loyalty.

Brand awareness and familiarity
Brand Awareness & Familiarity

Track how well consumers know your brand when prompted. This looks at usage, familiarity, and overall awareness against your competitors.

Composite benefits index
Composite Benefits Index (CBI)

Measure your brand's score on image attributes and motivation drivers. Understand not only how people come to use and view your brand, but also what differentiates you from the competition.

Brand image and personality
Brand Image & Personality

Track how customers feel about your brand - from reliability and innovation to trustworthiness, confidence, and more. See what emotions your brand elicits and if people are likely to recommend you to others.

Brand values
Brand Values

Get a holistic understanding of how consumers perceive your brand, your image and values, and the relationship between them and different segments within your target markets.

How we do it

Setup survey
Set up your survey on Monday, get results on Friday - starting at just $1200
AI analysis
Our experts check everything, we collect responses, and our in-house AI platform runs an initial analysis
Final analysis
Our experts provide a final analysis, you get your results and start building a stronger brand
Get in touch to get started Get in touch to get started

Our clients

RESPONSE:AI client Google
RESPONSE:AI client Mastercard
RESPONSE:AI client Home Credit
RESPONSE:AI client Marks & Spencer
RESPONSE:AI client FabFitFun
RESPONSE:AI client McCann

Said about us

Head of Consumer Marketing, Google CEE

"RESPONSE:AI provides us with quick, professional, in-depth, market research and analysis. We have demanding marketing and business goals at Google. RESPONSE:AI allows us to pinpoint where we are currently with our consumers and on what trajectory. We use this insight to define our strategy and make ongoing adjustments to it, in order to take us towards these goals. I use RESPONSE:AI to conduct the rapid research and analysis I need to understand and improve my target areas: market segmentation, go-to-market strategy, product development, and commercial performance."

Project Manager, CAR4WAY

"Our collaboration with RESPONSE:AI was very beneficial to our business. We appreciate the RESPONSE:AI team's professional approach and we are really pleased with the final research report. We had questions, and we received answers that were clear and comprehensible. We're looking forward to further cooperation."

Build a Stronger, More Trusted Brand

Brand equity has a direct effect on your bottom line - it’s a fact. With Brand Equity and Image Analysis research from RESPONSE:AI, you’ll be on the path to building a brand that lasts - and you can do it without breaking the bank


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