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They Said High-Quality Market Research Can’t Be Cheap!


They were wrong. We have successfully launched a quantitative market research service that is significantly cheaper than the same product offered by traditional international market research agencies. Here’s what we’ve learned (so far) along the way and how you can benefit from it.

Marketers in businesses of all sizes now have access to detailed market insights starting at just $2,750. Our platform helps measure brand strength, track campaigns, and test ads faster and more frequently than ever.

However, over half of the people we talk to react to our pricing like this:

“You don’t buy a Porsche at the cost of a KIA. It’s impossible to offer the same quality as large international market research agencies at a such lower price.”

Automation Conquers All

The explanation is simple. Everything we do is related to automation and our innovative approach to market research processes, which, until now have remained untouched for decades.

We are not the only firm in the world providing market research, but we are one of the few companies that has turned wishful thinking about automation into a functional product. The market research revolution is here and has made professional services accessible to any and every marketer and business strategist in nearly any industry.

The Magic of Human Touch

When we talk about automation, it doesn’t mean we’ve traded accuracy for speed. Far from it. We run every stage of market research as carefully and at the same quality assurance standards as traditional research agencies. In short, we’ve trained algorithms to perform the many processes that are repeated throughout.

In addition to automation, our human market research experts guarantee the quality of survey input and output, and deliver the insights that will drive strategic decisions.

Coming up with this product was a complex process on which our team spent several years. Now, the implementation of a research project does not require days of “manual” work, but only several hours of work by senior research professionals who control and correct what our system produces.

Automation Under the Magnifying Glass

What exactly have we automated?

Input Handling

You send the brief, as usual, and we set up the rest.

Questionnaire Preparation

The basis of your questionnaire is created automatically according to pre-defined rules. We guarantee that, no matter your requirements, each one will be unique and fit your business case. You also get the opportunity to comment and approve it.

Data Processing & Evaluation

This is all about statistics. It was only necessary to streamline the whole process and make sure the data flows seamlessly. So, that’s exactly what we did!

Final Report Preparation

No one makes charts and tables manually these days, right? In addition to charts, we automatically-generate textual that serve as a bedrock for the final analysis.

Automation enables us to maintain consistent quality for projects of all sizes and fitting all budgets. Our team has spent decades in market research, and quality is our primary concern. We understand the craft and the science, and we’ve created a way to shorten the process considerably. It’s a win-win.

Have a look at some examples of the core RESPONSE:AI products we offer to know more about what you are going to get.




Any questions? Get in touch with us! If you have any doubts, try our services and we’re sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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