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The Real Face of America - A New Survey of the American Public

Fred Barber

We’ve put together a landmark survey of the American public. Here’s our first report.

Day-to-day with RESPONSE:AI, market research is what we do, but we’ve been interested in things like public opinion data, political views, and generally how different societies work, pretty much forever. We’ve built some tools that make data collection and processing much easier, faster, and cheaper — and decided to put them to the test with a slightly different, more expansive data set. Introducing: The Real Face of America.

Our plan is to conduct the same survey every year, benchmark the results, and build a rolling set of benchmarks over time. For this, we’re polling Americans think about the patriotism of brands, their experimentation in the bedroom, how much TV they watch, if they’re optimists, and everything in-between.

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On top of that, we are able segment the data and create personas of different demographic, racial, or generational groups and basically combine this with any other variable we want — income, political leanings, religiosity, etc.

The results are interesting, none more so than with this report on millennials. Our findings really contradict a lot of things that pervade the narrative around this generation. Millennials are complex, hold sometimes wildly different views than their peers, and can be surprising in their political views — they certainly are not a one-size-fits-all generation.

Anyways, please enjoy the report — We hope you learn something from it. We sure did!

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Forget what you think you know about Americans. We’ve created the defining survey of the world’s most influential country - it’s politics, most iconic brands, bedroom habits, everything.

The Real Face Of America
The Real Face Of America

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