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Market Research How-To: Ad Development & Testing

Zach Peterson

Here's you can make the best ads possible.

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In this episode, RESPONSE:AI CEO Rene Henc and I discusses how and why to test your marketing and advertising assets — everything from concept to messaging to final product. There are countless great reasons to use market research in your marketing and advertising processes, but the most important one is obvious: stop wasting your budget on ads that don’t work. 

Rene lays out his recipe for successful ads and how a bit of market research can help you get your campaigns right the first time — on any medium and platform you can think of. 

We look at fundamental business questions: 

- How does your target audience respond to your ads? 

- Does this version of the ad meet the intended creative idea? 

- Is your media budget being employed effectively? 

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Watch the full episode here:

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