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Five Reasons To Choose RESPONSE:AI


What makes RESPONSE:AI better than the competition? Why work with us? We answer these important questions and explain how we differ from other research agencies.

1. We Respond To Current Trends

While technology in related sectors (i.e., telecommunications, software and information technology) has developed quickly, market research tech has remained static. Clients kept focusing on the price and speed of research, while demanding the same level of quality, which was technically impossible to achieve. These demands escalated in 2008, when the financial crisis hit.

Due to client demand, we began to develop technology that would automate research. This tech is the cornerstone of RESPONSE:AI. Henc and the other founding partners initially used technology to speed up the existing research. Then they discovered that automation could guarantee the same quality of data as manual processing. Moreover, it eliminated human error and offered significant time and cost savings. Gradually, RESPONSE:AI’s development team created an intuitive configurator for quick online research, from order to fulfillment, and an innovative new market research product was born.

2. We Are Three Times Faster

RESPONSE:AI shortens the research process by a third. At the same time, our research costs clients three times less for the usual target groups and numbers of respondents — all while retaining top quality data. The time and cost savings are the result of fast online research specifications and automatic processing of the acquired data, which other companies do manually.

Sounds too good to be true? Set up your own research project and see it completed in faster than the conventional agencies!

3. Setup Is Quick And Easy

Working with RESPONSE:AI is very simple. It takes mere minutes to specify your research parameters using the online configurator. Our researchers check the submission and, if necessary, work with you to fine-tune it.

External interviewing or surveying is then conducted using standard industry techniques (i.e., CATI, CAPI, CAWI, etc.). After gathering the data, RESPONSE:AI processes it automatically taking four hours or less! The product is a clear and concise final report. The report is as easy to read and as high quality as traditional manually processed ones.

The resulting report contains the following:

As a final step, we double-check each report. If necessary, our experts provide additional recommendations and interpretations.

4. We are experts in the field

We have been perfecting our automated data processing platform for more than eight years. Now, we’re a strong contender for a pole position in the automated market research vertical.

The project was founded by Rene Henc, who has been active in the marketing research business for over 20 years. From his home base in Prague, Czech Republic, he has managed research projects for hundreds of international and local companies.

5. RESPONSE:AI is more affordable

Thanks to automation, we have reduced the time it takes to complete a normal survey by a third. A project takes on average between three and five days to complete. In the case of some projects, it is possible to receive the data and report the next day. It all depends on the complexity of the survey.

This considerable time savings brings you a price three times lower than agency research. A complete turnkey project, including questionnaires processing and the final report, starts as low as $900. The final price is based on the assignment, the complexity of the research, the number of respondents and the target group.

Would you like to have a market research project done much faster and cheaper than you are used to? Check out our online configuration tool!

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