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Automation, AI, & the Future of Market Research

Fred Barber

Focus on what’s important, leave the rest to the machines.

Automation has been changing major industries for decades (centuries, if you want to get technical). There are countless examples of this in practice - just think of the automotive industry where robots now do the work of dozens (or more) of assembly line workers. 

Market research is no different, and it’s ripe for disruption. So, that’s what we’re doing. It’s called r:n Platform, and it’s built for researchers who want to focus their time on analysis and less on mundane data-collection tasks and more on getting answers. 

We’ve been using automation and AI to make complex market research easier, faster, and more affordable for a while. Now, we’re pulling back the curtain a bit. Our team has been working with our r:n Platform technology as we worked on it, and now we’re turning it into its own, stand-alone service. 

We developed r:n Platform with one goal in mind - to maximize research output. Our automation replaces as much as 90% of human research input, including survey composition, data processing, and analysis. With more than 100 predefined constructs (and more to come), you can create any type of survey and then apply your own methodologies and expertise. r:n Platform does the heavy lifting.

r:n Platform will help research professionals deliver more research for clients while freeing up teams will work on projects that matter and, at the same time, reducing overhead costs. We’re making it easier than ever to run market analyses, brand strength studies, packaging tests, and really any other quantitative research project. In addition, it can also be used as an analysis tool for already-existing datasets to analyze larger datasets 

Our central goal with r:n Platform is to make complex research easier, faster, and exponentially more affordable. The RESPONSE:AI team has been working in the research field for decades and we’re all-too-familiar with the barriers that had been built into it for so long. r:n Platform is our contribution to the democratization of market research. 

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